Leslie Rader

Leslie works with healthcare professionals across the country, representing the EB Advocate Team and the products and services AHPCS can provide EB families.

Leslie has served on the Debra of America Board of Directors for 14 years and founded the Debra New Family Advocate Program. She also has personal experience caring for a child with EB. In memory of her daughter, Lauren, she has dedicated her life to helping new families learn how to navigate caring for a newborn with EB.

Favorite part of serving EB community: Being a dependable resource for EB families

Favorite hobby: Watching my kids play sports and working in the yard

Tips for EB families: Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. It takes a village!

One word to describe your personality: Caring


Danielle Malchano

Danielle is a registered nurse/BSN by trade and helps educate healthcare professionals nationwide about advanced wound care products and how to place insurance-covered orders with AdaptHealth Patient Care Solutions on patients’ behalf.

She is also Wound Care Certified. That, combined with her seemingly infinite volunteerism at camps for children with skin disorders, give her a broad understanding of EB and the needs of EB families.

Favorite part of serving EB community: The ability to be a resource when it comes to both products and insurance to help them obtain much needed supplies.

Favorite hobby: Gardening

Tips for EB families: Make sure you see your physician no less than once a year. Most insurance companies require current notes and patient history from the physician.

One word to describe your personality: Helpful

Amanda Watt

Favorite part of serving EB community: Building relationships. I love offering help and quick services to minimize stress for the entire family.

Favorite hobby: Yoga and playing with my children

Tip for EB Families: Use the EB-line email address EBline@adapthealth.com to place orders. Save the phone number 855.5EB.LINE (855.532.5463) and email address in your phone to contact us quickly.

One word to describe your personality: Driven


Bill Cornman

Bill Cornman is one of the most recognizable names on the team. If you have ever ordered supplies from AHPCS or attended a debra of America Care Conference, you have probably met Bill.

He is super knowledgeable about wound care products and happy to help answer any question about them and what they are designed to do. You can reach him at 855.5EB.LINE (855.532.5463) or EBline@adapthealth.com.

Favorite part of serving EB community: Helping in every way we can.

Favorite hobby: Golfing

Tips for EB families: Fight like hell. Don’t give up!

One word to describe your personality: Passionate


Rachel Mattocks

Rachel handles the insurance authorization process for the EB Advocate Team. Thanks to her insurance knowledge and diligence, we are able to ship orders directly to patients in a timely fashion.

Favorite part of serving EB community: I know working with insurance is complicated and can be extremely stressful for a patient or family member. Having nine years of practice in the insurance world helps me know what to expect from insurance payers across the U.S. before I even pick up the phone.

Favorite hobby: Crafting

Tip for EB families: Summer can be rough on EB skin – if you need to order additional supplies for vacations, camp or everyday life, let us know. We can work with your insurance and healthcare professionals before you run out.

One word to describe your personality: Hard-working