Tips from the EB Community ... because we learn from each other

Use a smaller toothbrush for a smaller mouth
Try a product like Colgate Wisp to brush your teeth, rather than a regular size toothbrush. A regular toothbrush may be too large for small mouths and its larger brush head may cause friction, irritation and bleeding of the gums. Wisp is about 3 1/2" long and flatter than a normal toothbrush. The mini brush head may help you maneuver around teeth and gums easier, which can help you achieve better oral hygiene.  

Does Medigrip fray when you wash it?
Medigrip, or any other knitted elastic support bandage, can be cut to fit and applied on top of your dressings to add protection. When you wash the Medigrip, its strings may come loose and unravel. To prevent fraying, try a product like Dritz Fray Check, which you can find in craft and sewing stores. You can also try clear nail polish (apply as you would to stop a run in nylon pantyhose) or hand-stitch a basic seam like a roll stitch. One of these solutions may extend the life of the bandage and enable you to use it more than once.

Pack wound care supplies separately when traveling
Pack a day's worth of wound care supplies into a carry-on bag when flying. This is important in the event that your airline loses your checked luggage. Imagine if all of your supplies are in that one missing bag. While the airline tries to locate your luggage and deliver it to you, you'll have enough supplies to tide you over. Read more travel tips.

Bring Aquaphor or Vaseline to the dentist
Bring your own supply of Aquaphor or Vaseline to your next dental visit. Apply it to the inside and outside of you lips to prevent the dentist’s gloves and dental instruments from sticking to, shearing or irritating the skin. It even works wonders even during oral surgery! Read more about Ointments and Topicals.

Is Aquaphor too greasy for you?
Try this:

Dress her up!
Do you want your child’s Surgilast or other retention dressing to match her outfit? Follow the Rit Dye instructions and you can color coordinate with a rainbow of colors.

Butt protection
Johnson & Johnson nursing pads are great for the diaper area. Remove the adhesive strip from the front and cover the sticky area with Vaseline. Then completely lubricate the entire inside pad area. They will not stick to wounds and are inexpensive enough to change frequently and throw away. These pads also make great padding for elbows, knees, shins, heels, etc.

Soften your Tubifast
If Tubifast feels too rough or harsh for fragile skin, wash and dry it before using. It comes out of the laundry feeling soft and comforting! Plus, it can be used as a tube top or as an undershirt for extra protection.